Yesterday you were able to view invertebrates and vertebrates in jars. Please click on discussion tab and share your reactions to this activity.

Here's how you will be graded:

  1. You will be graded on your response to the prompt. (Share your experience about observing the jars.) Try to use as many vocabulary words as you can!!!
  2. Your response must stay on topic.
  3. You have to respond to AT LEAST one other classmate.
  4. When you respond to a classmate you MUST provide one positive comment. You MUST also ask a question that leads to more discussion. (It can not be answered with Yes or No.)
  5. Type using complete sentences (Subject/Predicate, Capitals, Punctuation). I understand that you may not be an expert typist so it doesn't need to be perfect but check over your work and make sure it is readable.